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Studio City provides quality and outstanding cleaning services across Studio City, CA area. Our services concentrate on Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Water Damage and Air Duct Cleaning.

We take great pride in in our job as well as we the stand by position the truth that we have been committed and hard working. Our cleaning experts utilize primarily the most excellent, non-toxic cleaning agents every time we show up to your business or home. We are aware that it is essential to maintain your home appearing its best which enables you to the advantage against dirt and grime that accumulates as time passes. Because of this, all the staffs of Pico Rivera Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning are trained to use the most effective cleaning agents therefore the location is thoroughly clean and sanitary every time we have competed our job.

Carpet Cleaning Studio City


Keeping your carpet efficiently cleaned out on a regular basis is really important to keeping up the appearance of your carpet, its wear life along with the air quality in your home. Your carpet works like a filtration system, accumulating dirt, animal dander, dust mites, along with things that trigger allergies.

Habitual vacuum-cleaning is essential however is insufficient to take away the deeply embossed dirt that becomes attached with the carpet fabric. This stagnant dirt is definitely abrasive, scratching the area and also devastating the carpet strands ultimately leading to early wear.

The only solution to clear away this soil is to have your carpet professionally cleaned by a trusted company like Studio City Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning which has proven outstanding reputation especially when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Other Services

Tile Cleaning

Manually operated tile cleaning is a full uneasiness not to mention stressful. Finding the thorough clean up outcome of floor tile and grout is more or less unachievable .

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Upholstery Cleaning

Studio City Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning desires you to distinguish that you actually have found the absolute best company around for upholstery cleaning…

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Water Damage

Studio City, California location dwellers can get in contact with our group of certified and insured specialists and they can certainly anticipate professional solutions.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Studio City Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning helps bring about local residents to make contact with specialists for air duct, HVAC and dryer vent cleaning services.

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